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10 Metals and Minerals for Metaphors

10 Metals and Minerals for Metaphors 10 Metals and Minerals for Metaphors 10 Metals and Minerals for Metaphors By Mark Nichol Metals and minerals in some cases motivate relationship with human qualities or with conditions, as on account of the models underneath: 1. Inflexible Scarcely any individuals understand that this word, which in descriptive structure implies â€Å"insistent† or â€Å"unyielding,† has a brilliant source: It originates from a Greek thing by method of Latin and initially alluded to a jewel or any hard metal. In English, it likewise is a thing alluding to similar materials or any also utterly unyielding substances (truly, firm is a variation modifier). 2. Brazen From a relationship with the shrillness of metal instruments, this descriptor has come to allude not simply to a nature of sound (just as a portrayal for the metal compound) yet in addition to intense, loud, or wild conduct. 3. Bronze The correlation of profoundly tanned skin with the shade of the metallic compound has brought about the utilization of bronze to allude to an individual with brown complexion, either because of hereditary qualities or to broad tanning, as in the reference to a genuinely forcing man with this tone as â€Å"a tanned god.† 4. Hard This term meaning â€Å"stern, unyielding† originates from the hard assortment of quartz known as stone, which sparkles when struck by steel and has consequently been utilized for centuries to light fires (however the â€Å"flint† in cigarette lighters is really an iron combination). The word skinflint, an equivalent word for grumpy person, brings out the picture of somebody endeavoring to strip a layer off of a hunk of stone (a pointless motion due to its hardness). 5. Brilliant The worth put on the component gold has prompted the utilization of the descriptive word brilliant for different non-literal references. Among these, a brilliant melodic tone is a smooth, resounding one; a person or thing that is or is relied upon to be phenomenal, well known, or in any case striking is set apart, for example, as a brilliant kid; an age or time may be portrayed as brilliant; and a good event is frequently alluded to as a brilliant chance. 6. Iron The word for this essential metallic component has been appropriated as a descriptive word meaning quality (â€Å"iron will†), vigor (â€Å"iron constitution†), tenacity (â€Å"iron determination†), and solidness (â€Å"iron grip†). The once in a while utilized thing type of these metaphorical faculties is ironness. 7. Heavy Lead, in view of its thickness and its dull shading, is related with strict (â€Å"leaden trudge†) and metaphorical (â€Å"leaden skies†) weight, just as with dampened or unsubtle attributes. 8. Hardened This term actually signifies changing into bone and allegorically alludes to getting set in one’s manners. (Albeit bone isn't carefully a mineral, it is to a great extent made out of different minerals, henceforth its incorporation on the rundown.) 9. Silver The descriptive word type of the thing silver alludes to delicate or dulcet sounds (as of tolls), or to articulate influence (â€Å"silver tongued†). Shiny silver hair is regularly alluded to as silver, and that depiction prompts undertones of develop tastefulness (â€Å"silver-haired dignity†). 10. Steely This descriptor alluding to quality and hardness is most popular as a major aspect of the clichã ©s â€Å"steely determination† and â€Å"steely resolve.† Need to improve your English quickly a day? Get a membership and begin getting our composing tips and activities day by day! Continue learning! Peruse the Expressions class, check our well known posts, or pick a related post below:Bare or Bear With Me?Acronym versus InitialismAdverbs and Hyphens

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The Boston Tea Party Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Boston Tea Party - Research Paper Example The initial segment is a review of British colonization of America to show the connection between managed provinces and the decision Empire. The subsequent part sums up the connection among business and government in the settlements that prompted mishandles. The third part investigates the job that tax assessment from tea, a standard drink, played in the contentions between the Crown and its provinces. The fourth part quickly talks about the fights that prompted the Tea Party and the responses of the British colonizers. The last part shows the connection between the Boston Tea Party and American autonomy. The main English pilgrims cruised to America in the mid seventeenth century, establishing the states of Virginia in 1607. In spite of unforgiving states of atmosphere and brutal obstruction from locals, English pilgrims kept showing up in large numbers: settling in Plymouth in 1620, Massachusetts Bay and New Hampshire in 1629, Maryland in 1630, Rhode Island and Connecticut in 1636, New Haven in 1638, North and South Carolina in 1663, New York and New Jersey in 1664, Hudson Bay in 1670, and Pennsylvania in 1681. Pilgrim settlements were set up in Delaware in 1702, Georgia in 1732, and West Florida in 1763 (Innes 5-7). Every one of these states was built up either as a contracted organization settlement or an exclusive province, which separates the manner in which the province is dealt with, its relations with the British government or Crown, and how incomes from exchange and trade all through the state is imparted to government. A sanctioned organization is overseen by business interests for benefit of the Crown, while government employees delegated by the Crown deal with an exclusive province. Most contracted organization states were not too overseen as restrictive provinces, so provinces, for example, Virginia, Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay were in the end transformed into exclusive settlements, with the Crown naming pilgrims from England as governors (Innes 11-13). America was a mixture of rich and

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North Little Rock

North Little Rock North Little Rock, city (1990 pop. 61,741), Pulaski co., central Ark., on the Arkansas River opposite Little Rock; settled c.1856, inc. as a city 1903. North Little Rock lies in a cotton, rice, soybean, dairy-cattle, and truck-farm area. There is food processing and printing and the manufacture of consumer goods, fiberglass and electronic products, building materials, hospital garments, bakery products, feed, furniture, fertilizers, and chemicals. In the early 19th cent. the discovery of a small silver vein drew settlers to the area, which was then called Silver City. Most of the area later became part of Little Rock, but in 1903 local citizens pushed a bill through the Arkansas legislature permitting a part of Little Rock to secede and join the small village of North Little Rock. Nearby is Camp Joseph T. Robinson, the headquarters of the Arkansas National Guard. The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Copyright © 2012, Columbia University Press. All rights reserved. See m ore Encyclopedia articles on: U.S. Political Geography

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Analysis Of Alex Kotlowitz s There Are No Children Here

Alex Kotlowitz’s There Are No Children Here is a documentary exploring life in inner-city Chicago during the late 1980’s. The book follows the lives of two African American youth, Lafeyette and Pharoah Rivers, who live in Chicago’s Horner Homes over the course of two years. It tells of a lifestyle that is a reality for many Americans and forces the reader to acknowledge a broken system that so many turn a blind eye toward. Kotlowitz does not sugarcoat the struggles and hardships that the citizens of the inner-city face every single day. The Rivers’ boys, like all the children of inner-cities, experience situations and know of unimaginable horrors that rob them of their innocence and childhoods. Lafeyette and Pharoah have to face and overcome many forces that can change their lives for the worst, such as: gangs and drugs, the social system, the Chicago Housing Authority, and the battle within them to give into the worst of society. Sociological concepts, i ncluding: racism, strain theory, and social stratification can explain some of the exploitation of Lafeyette and Pharoah. According to Henslin, racism is â€Å"prejudice and discrimination on the basis of race.† Racism is woven throughout the documentary of Lafeyette and Pharoah’s lives at the Horner Homes. All of the African Americans living in inner-city Chicago are looked down upon by the whites every day. The whites pay no attention to the existence of the lives of these people. The gangs run the streets of the inner-city

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The Tragedy Of Othello By William Shakespeare - 1741 Words

Love can make even the strongest men into weeping puppies once they have tasted the bitter fruits of the loss of true love. But, does it affect all men in the same way? This concept is very clear when we examine the Shakespearean tragedy of Othello. This play demonstrates how Othello a very strong and confident warrior is turned into a paranoid psychopath when faced with the idea of being deceived by his love Desdemona. However, the true question is can Othello the warrior; truly love despite his dangerous nature? A.C. Bradley considers Othello one of Shakespeare’s most romantic character. One must determine if love and passion is the same or if they are two entities all together. Is Othello’s passion that then turns into rage truly†¦show more content†¦He believed they only reason Desdemona lied to her father was that she loved him so deeply she could not risk her father saying no to the union. He wanted to look past her deception but a part of him would not let it go. However, he was willing to put his life on the line that she would never betray him. Othello believed all relationships pivoted on a pendulum that swings between one hundred percent to zero with nothing in between. As a warrior, this type of outlook severed him well. He has to make split decisions on life and death matters without remorse for making them. However, when you truly love someone you cannot just turn your love off. So can a man with this type of mentality truly love then? A warrior must walk around with his back against a wall and his hand upon his sword. A husband must walk around with his heart upon his sleeve, with faith that his wife will protect it. These two concepts are in direct conflict with each other. This is one reason that Othello became such an easy target for Iago. Othello had never found himself to be so vulnerable. Iago uses this to his advantage and plants the seed that Desdemona and Cassio are having an affair. He engrains the ideology of j ealousy by telling him not to be, â€Å"O, beware, my lord, of jealousy. It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on.† Jealousy has a way of making a person see what they want to see. Once Othello fears Desdemona’s

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Reservoir Dogs Free Essays

Reservoir Dogs Postmodernism theory when related to films can be described when the audience’s delay of skepticism is shattered, in order to free the audience’s grasp of the director’s work. Small changes are made to create a significant meaning in the audience’s mind. The director has created a piece of art that removes the audience from the conventional and emotional bond to the subject, creating a new perspective. We will write a custom essay sample on Reservoir Dogs or any similar topic only for you Order Now Postmodern films apply the usage of four concepts: simulation, reusing styles, typically drawing irony to the new style; pre-fabrication, drawing a closer attention to already existing scenes and using them in the films narrative or dialogue; intertextuality, using text that has already been used and finally bricolage, creating a film based on a collage of various other film styles and genres. Quentin Tarantino, the famous film director, screenwriter, producer, cinematographer and actor followed his passion from an early age. He did not watch movies as a child and adolescent, but he made the films a large part of his life. Tarantino, though he may deny his films to fall in the category of postmodernism, portrays various genres and styles from other movies, typically of his childhood very well. Tarantino draws upon the genres of martial arts, kung fu, grind-house, and spaghetti western films. Typically starting his films, Tarantino opens with â€Å"Our Feature Presentation† drawing immediate attention to the audience, transporting them in time to their days of childhood and adolescents. A director is an artist, Tarantino, though he recreated previous works of other artists, is one too. He adds his own twist to his films, in order to create a new, distinctive and pioneering film. Tarantino uses the concept of bricolage to fuse genres together in an original fantasy-like story with exaggerated confrontation scenes and violence. Reservoir Dogs, directed and written by Quentin Tarantino first premiered in October 1992. It is about a group of criminals who where hired for a job to retrieve diamonds from a jewelry store. Things do not go as planned during the heist and the gang thinks that there may be a police mole among the group. But who could it be? Mr. Pink, Mr. Orange, Mr. White, Mr. Brown, Mr. Blue, Mr. Blonde, Nice Guy Eddie, or even head gang leader, Joe Cabot? Strangers to one another, Joe (Lawrence Tierney) assigns each member a color code alias. The opening scene is in a diner with all gang members sitting around a table, eating breakfast, while Mr. Brown (Quentin Tarantino) explains his interpretation of Madonna’s song ‘Like a Virgin’. The men continue to discuss the importance and the meanings of popular songs, especially bringing up songs of the 1970s. Though this dialogue is rather unimportant, it shows Tarantino’s intricate eye to detail. It is ironic to see Tarantino the one explaining Madonna’s song, for it is his intention to set the stage for the audience’s interpretation of the film. Mr. Brown explains Madonna’s sexual encounters, as she continues to remember the first time she lost her virginity and the pain she had to encounter. Tarantino intends for Reservoir Dogs to have many interpretations, and one may consider that the gang members have to be redeemed through pain and suffering. The styles that we can see throughout the film use exaggerated confrontations and violence. After the diner scene, the film continues with a â€Å"Men in Black† take of the gangsters walking towards the camera. Mr. White (Harvey Keitel) and Mr. Orange (Tim Roth) are now on pursuit away from the heist, as things did not go as planned as the cops showed up unexpectedly. Running on foot, they stop a car and the owner and driver shoots Mr. Orange in the abdomen. For the remainder of the film, Mr. Orange laid on the floor of the warehouse bleeding profusely in excruciating pain. The pain that Mr. Orange faced throughout the film is the interpretation that Tarantino had intended to compare to the suffering of Madonna. Mr. Orange (Roth) was the undercover mole that was ordered to bust the head of operation, Joe Cabot (Tierney). Aside for Tarantino’s significance of popular songs, he also used images inter-dispersed throughout the film; Silver Surfer comic and the Get Christie Love! TV show. These are a few examples of how Reservoir Dogs falls into the category of being a postmodern film through the usage of image and text, posing as in intricate part to media and society. Reservoir Dogs, a postmodern film, includes the usage of criminals falling; indicating a crime and gangster movie. It also uses the formula of a western movie. Though, usually in a traditional western there is one individual who upholds law and order, Tarantino put a spin on western genres when including the style throughout his films. Reservoir Dogs use of western is slightly different, instead of one individual; there is a group of men who try to restore order that has spun out of control to arrange a logical explanation and conclusion of who the possible informant might be. Tarantino is specific about his films, he does not intend for them to represent real life, but rather mimic other movies. In Reservoir Dogs initial scene, the men are sitting in the diner, a very similar scene to Woody Allen’s film Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) when they are sitting in a restaurant. Woody’s film is considered to be a romantic comedy drama, where Tarantino, though not considering Woody when creating the scene, did not create a romantic comedy drama film, but rather a film that fell into the category of crime, mystery and thriller. Quentin Tarantino pulls from previous artists, not only text and images, but also styles, such as cinematography. In Reservoir Dogs, Tarantino uses extreme conflict and intense violent scenes. Aside from the acting, Tarantino creates a character, Mr. Pink (Steve Buscemi), who is constantly reminding the team that he is acting professional, while everyone else is fighting and not thinking of the future affects of their actions. Mr. Pink aside from being a â€Å"better† criminal, draws upon the belief that if you are not wearing a uniform you therefore fall into the â€Å"real person† category. Tarantino, throughout all his films, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction (1996) and Kill Bill (2003; 2004) the assassins, criminals, and law enforcements are all distinguished by their uniforms. Those who are â€Å"real people† wear real, daily, regular clothing, nothing that is out of the ordinary. The gang members who work for Joe Cabot are all dressed in the classic black suits with white button down dress shirts and thin black ties. The cops are wearing the typical blue uniform. It is interesting to notice that Joe and his son, though apart of the gang operation do not wear the â€Å"uniform†. The majority of Reservoir Dogs takes place in the dingy warehouse, where no gangster becomes a â€Å"real person†; they do not undress from their uniforms, therefore staying as a gangster. Though they do not succeed in becoming real people, they are redeemed of being a gangster through death, unlike Mr. Pink who runs out after they go on a â€Å"trigger happy frenzy† shooting one another. The idea of the members, including the cop that was taken hostage is a similar idea to William Shakespeare, who was considered an outstanding poet and playwright during the 16th century. Typically, at the end of the plays, Shakespeare would conclude that the characters all be killed. Tarantino, a rather outstanding director and writer, pulls from these great artists to create an even greater piece of work. Quentin Tarantino, considered a postmodern filmmaker, uses references to earlier films. He blends genres from A-Z. In Reservoir Dogs, he uses many references from the French new wave directors, who were highly influential to his Production Company as well as his work. Francois Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard were influential; he named his production company â€Å"A Band Apart†. In Reservoir Dogs, Tarantino named the jewelry store â€Å"Karina’s† after Anna Karina, star from Bande apart (Band of Outsiders, 1964). Postmodernism is a concept that pulls from many genres, and it is Reservoir Dogs that Quentin Tarantino first begins his voyage as an up and coming director to use this style of creativity and expression. Today, we entertain ourselves with concerts, movie theater, broadways, radio, and television. It is these social medias that people like Quentin Tarantino create for our enjoyment. Pulling on our childhood memories, familiarity, comfort, and most importantly clues to other important images of our past, bring a deeper appreciation to the work and creativity that has been produced. How to cite Reservoir Dogs, Essay examples

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Internet of Things

Question: Discuss about the different application area Internet of Things is applied, the problems which are being faced and the potential solutions for the problems being faced. Answer: Introduction Internet of Things is a concept of device with the ability to collect information from the world using sensors and applications and sharing them across the internet where there are devices to process the collected data and utilize it when needed. The use of it devices has recently seen a rise in production (Gubbi et al. 2013). Internet of Things security is an area of concern related to the safeguarding of tee device connected to the network. It involves the prevalence of objects or things to provide them with unique identifiers and the ability to automatically transmit the data using a network. The Internet of Things communication comprises of the embedded sensors, energy grids, home appliances and wearable smart devices. The report further discusses about the different application area Internet of Things is applied, the problems, which are being faced, and the potential solutions for the problems being faced. Overview of Internet of Things Using Internet of Things in the common world has several benefits. The devices can be used to receive warning to the users phone and to detect danger from the nearby-analyzed data. Using the technology in automobiles can cause them to park automatically using sensors to look out for nearby cars. Tracking of shipments can be done easily using electronic tags attached to the parcel (Tao et al. 2014). Tacking the habits and health of the user can detect any disease or can be used to send out SOS signals during time of danger. Internet of Things devices can also be used in business world to locate inventory shipments, save fuel by using intelligent driving routes and mechanisms and to improve safety for the workers in hazardous areas. Figure 1: A graph showing the different Internet of Things (Source: Theconnectivist-img.s3.amazonaws, 2017) All home appliances can be changed to become compatible with the Internet of Things devices. Internet of Things devices uses Wi-Fi or has an inbuilt wireless connectivity software to connect to the internet. However, these devices are becoming the sensation of every household and user there is a small drawback in them. They lack in security protocol, which is a major risk factor for any individual using an Internet of Things device (Xu et al. 2014). Due to the new rise in the technology, the developers are going into competition to produce the device at a cheap price and to gain the confidence of the consumers. This factor makes the main feature of device security to neglect during production. Application The term Internet of Things has become a wide spread description of billions of devices which are using sensory reception to stay connected to each other using the internet (Xu, Wendt and Potkonjak 2014). The range of Internet of Things devices is large. They include wearable devices, to medical devices and even devices to control automobiles and factories. The main drawback is that the users think that the devices they are using are safe, but they lack the security feature, which should have been present. There has been a lot of research done in order to see ton what extent does it require to hack the Internet of Things devices. These can be taken control by hackers and be used in harmful ways to harm the user. As the devices falling under the category of Internet of Things devices are small and use the sensory and embedded system, they cannot be secured using the steps used to secure a personal computer (Zhang et al. 2014). Keeping aside the security issues, which may arise, a few of the applications of Internet of Things Security are given below: Internet of Things network security: This application is used to secure the connection, which is used to connect the Internet of Things devices to the internet. If the devices cannot be secured easily then by securing the network they are connected to can help a little in securing the Internet of Things devices (Zhang, Cho and Shieh 2015). Internet of Things Authentication: There should be an ability to implement the use of authentication of an Internet of Things device. There can be usage of a simple pin number to using static passwords to authenticate the device. Additional security can be added by using biometric and digital certificates of the devices being used. However, the method of using an authentication process is for a human to enter the pin or password into the device to gain access, but in the use of Internet of Things devices, they are all machine to machine connected. There are no human interaction in between (Minoli, Sohraby and Kouns 2017). Internet of Things encryption: Encryption of information stored on the device and the ones being transmitted should be encrypted using proper methods. Even if the devices can get hacked the hacker will be able to find encrypted information on the devices. The information will require a lot of time before it can be decrypted, till then the information will be of no use to the hacker. Internet of Things security analysis of data: Collecting the information from the Internet of Things devices can be used to do analytical data manipulation to understand the range of data being dealt with. The information gathered can be used to develop machine-learning programs and to be added to the collection of big data. Internet of Things security analysts will now be required to detect the kind of attack the devices will face (Riahi et al. 2013). Internet of Things API security: Using procedures during the transmission of information between the Internet of Things devices should be authenticated and authorized. API security measures should be used to provide integrity to the data being collected and transferred. Security Problems Information security should always be given top priority in case of electronics devices. There hackers who are capable of extracting information from any type of devices. There is a large area of application of the Internet of Things devices due to its implementation scope and procedures. Though there are benefits to all kinds of technology, drawbacks follow them closely (Sivaraman et al. 2015). Drawbacks of Internet of Things can be divided into two parts: security issues and hardware security issues. They are discussed below: Security Issues: Security data encryption: There is a huge collection of data from Internet of Things applications. Retrieving of data and processing the collected information is an essential part of all Internet of Things applications. Most of the information is personal data 0f the user thus it needs to be encrypted before saving them. Data authentication: After the encryption of the information collected, there can still be a chance that the device has been hacked from the inside. In this case, there needs to be the implementation of data authentication from the source it is coming from. All commands coming to the device should have authentication keys before executing the device (Sfar et al. 2017). Side channel issues: Apart from the above two problems there is always a side channel which can be violated on the device. If the hacker can get access to the time, temperature controller of the device they can violate the device using the side channel. Hardware Security Issues: Range of devices: range of working of the Internet of Things devices should be determined correctly before implementing the application. Capacity and latency: capacity and latency of all Internet of Things devices should be increased which increases the efficiency of working of the devices.Manufacturability test: Testing the device once the device has been manufactured to ensure the devices work as to its specifications (Medwed 2016). Figure 2: The Gartner hype cycle in 2011 showing the Internet of Things on the top (Source:, 2017) There are many different vendors and developers of the Internet of Things devices, which cause no single platform usage. Different developers use different platforms to implement their devices. This has made no single platform to stand out in the crowd (Cai et al. 2017). Due to such lack of security measures in the device, there is a high chance that the device can be hacked at any time without the user even knowing about it. This is of huge risk. Cars and health devices using Internet of Things once if it is hacked can cause death like situations. The hacker can implement the device to work in any kind of situation and stop the device from working (Pacheco and Hariri 2016). Security Solutions Internet of Things technologies are still new to the market (Aman, Chua and Sikdar 2016). There needs to be vigorous testing of security and hardware that needs to be done on the devices before saying that they are reliable for the consumers to use. Before working on any device there should be thorough research done on the topic to point out what are the drawbacks, which needs to be addressed. This would help the developers to assess the amount of work that needs to be done on the device before releasing it to the consumers. Threats should be assessed correctly as the devices are cheap thus the developers pay small attention to the point of security. This should not be the suitable process of development of electronic devices, which are targeted for storing personal information and can be easily hacked. Security should be the top most priority during the designing of any device (Tuna et al. 2017). The developers can follow the following to ensure that they can produce a secured devic e for the consumers: There should be an encrypted digital certificate, which would authorize the device when it is first powered up. The software, which has the correct authentication certificate, will only be able to access the device when it has been installed (Wurm et al. 2016). To limit the use of the device components there should be access controls installed into the system. They should also be kept at certain limit of usage. The resources should not be allowed to be used by the application to its full limit. Only the minimum amount of limitations should be allowed for thee resources. The device once connected to the internet should authenticate itself using a certificate before they start transmitting and receiving the data from the internet. There should be firewall installed on the device to have the ability to monitor the packets, which are being transmitted and received over the internet (Li and Da Xu 2017). Updates and patches of the softwares should be delivered to the device without using excessive resources, which might compromise the safety of the device. To implement the best security measure the developers can design interoperable and standard security system, which not only stops hacking of the device but also records the hacking attempt on the device. The developers of the system should have periodic routine software updates sent to the Internet of Things devices to patch up the security measures of the device. Using encrypted methods for the use of data transmission should be implemented into the devices. This would help the device to keep the device safe from data theft (Li, Tryfonas and Li 2016). Conclusion To conclude this report it can be said that the use of Internet of Things security should be the top priority for the organizations specializing in the Internet of Things devices. Discussion about the different applications of the security measures which the producers can use to apply security to the Internet of Things devices shows that even if the devices lack the security measures there can be security addition to the various methods the devices are connected to the other devices. The report also discusses about the different problems and the possible solutions, which can be used by the organizations to counter, measure them. Avoiding the problems and to provide the best possible measure should be the top most priority of the organizations providing Internet of Things devices. The developers should assess the security blind spots of the use of Internet of Things. The devices are not being used at such a large scale due to the lack in security measure and due to certain legal issue , which pertain to the fact of sharing personal information over the internet. References Aman, M.N., Chua, K.C. and Sikdar, B., 2016, May. Position Paper: Physical Unclonable Functions for IoT Security. In Proceedings of the 2nd ACM International Workshop on IoT Privacy, Trust, and Security (pp. 10-13). ACM. Cai, H., Yun, T., Hester, J. and Venkatasubramanian, K.K., 2017, June. Deploying Data-Driven Security Solutions on Resource-Constrained Wearable IoT Systems. In Distributed Computing Systems Workshops (ICDCSW), 2017 IEEE 37th International Conference on (pp. 199-204). IEEE. Gubbi, J., Buyya, R., Marusic, S. and Palaniswami, M., 2013. Internet of Things (IoT): A vision, architectural elements, and future directions. Future generation computer systems, 29(7), pp.1645-1660. (2017). Reporting front row from the IoT Security Foundation launch IoT Security Foundation. [online] Available at: [Accessed 15 Aug. 2017]. Li, S. and Da Xu, L., 2017. Security in Enabling Technologies. Securing the Internet of Things, p.109. Li, S., Tryfonas, T. and Li, H., 2016. The internet of things: a security point of view. Internet Research, 26(2), pp.337-359. Medwed, M., 2016, October. Iot security challenges and ways forward. In Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Trustworthy Embedded Devices (pp. 55-55). ACM. Minoli, D., Sohraby, K. and Kouns, J., 2017, January. IoT security (IoTSec) considerations, requirements, and architectures. In Consumer Communications Networking Conference (CCNC), 2017 14th IEEE Annual(pp. 1006-1007). IEEE. Pacheco, J. and Hariri, S., 2016, September. IoT security framework for smart cyber infrastructures. In Foundations and Applications of Self* Systems, IEEE International Workshops on (pp. 242-247). IEEE. Riahi, A., Challal, Y., Natalizio, E., Chtourou, Z. and Bouabdallah, A., 2013, May. A systemic approach for IoT security. In Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems (DCOSS), 2013 IEEE International Conference on (pp. 351-355). IEEE. Sfar, A., Chtourou, Z., Natalizio, E. and Challal, Y., 2017. A systemic and cognitive vision for IoT security: a case study of military live simulation and security challenges. In International Conference on Smart, Monitored and Controlled Cities SM2C17. Sivaraman, V., Gharakheili, H.H., Vishwanath, A., Boreli, R. and Mehani, O., 2015, October. Network-level security and privacy control for smart-home IoT devices. In Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications (WiMob), 2015 IEEE 11th International Conference on (pp. 163-167). IEEE. Tao, F., Zuo, Y., Da Xu, L. and Zhang, L., 2014. IoT-based intelligent perception and access of manufacturing resource toward cloud manufacturing. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 10(2), pp.1547-1557. Theconnectivist-img.s3.amazonaws (2017). Cite a Website - Cite This For Me. [online] Available at: [Accessed 15 Aug. 2017]. Tuna, G., Kogias, D.G., Gungor, V.C., Gezer, C., Ta?k?n, E. and Ayday, E., 2017. A survey on information security threats and solutions for Machine to Machine (M2M) communications. Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, 109, pp.142-154. Wurm, J., Hoang, K., Arias, O., Sadeghi, A.R. and Jin, Y., 2016, January. Security analysis on consumer and industrial iot devices. In Design Automation Conference (ASP-DAC), 2016 21st Asia and South Pacific (pp. 519-524). IEEE. Xu, B., Da Xu, L., Cai, H., Xie, C., Hu, J. and Bu, F., 2014. Ubiquitous data accessing method in IoT-based information system for emergency medical services. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 10(2), pp.1578-1586. Xu, T., Wendt, J.B. and Potkonjak, M., 2014, November. Security of IoT systems: Design challenges and opportunities. In Proceedings of the 2014 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Computer-Aided Design (pp. 417-423). IEEE Press. Zhang, Z.K., Cho, M.C.Y. and Shieh, S., 2015, April. Emerging security threats and countermeasures in IoT. In Proceedings of the 10th ACM Symposium on Information, Computer and Communications Security (pp. 1-6). ACM. Zhang, Z.K., Cho, M.C.Y., Wang, C.W., Hsu, C.W., Chen, C.K. and Shieh, S., 2014, November. IoT security: ongoing challenges and research opportunities. In Service-Oriented Computing and Applications (SOCA), 2014 IEEE 7th International Conference on (pp. 230-234). IEEE.